The Journey Begins

I learned my passion for yoga in 2013 when living in Colorado Springs. Yoga became a calm, non-judgemental place for me to relax and be myself in a world of constant movement. Through yoga I truly got to know myself and how to apply yoga to my everyday life, as well as learn my passions, one of which is sharing yoga with others.
Fast-forward to December 2016 and I was just settling into my new home of Tacoma, WA. I looked to begin yoga teacher training in Colorado, but (thankfully!) the studio owner advised I wait until I settle in Tacoma and use training as a means to make friends and mentors. One year later and I graduated as a 200-RYT from Three Trees Yoga.
My personal yoga experience just skims the surface when stepping on a mat in a studio. I’ve truly expereinced grounding through hiking and running, when I feel most in-tuned with my mind and body. I’ve learned non-attachment (vairagya) by finishing my horrible piece of artwork (trust me, nobody would want that) or donating clothes or household items. My time on my mat has been more meaningful after finding my own values (svadhyaya) and spiritual practice. Connection with my breath (pranayama) is most refined after a challenging workout or nerves from a presentation.
Yoga And sums up the collection of these experiences (and more!) and take students through a journey incorporating traditional yoga practice to various hobbies and pastimes to find a practice that resonates with students. Classes range from Yoga And Life (weekly classes held at Thea’s Landing) to Yoga and Coffee, Yoga and Nature, and many more! I look forward to sharing my practice with you, and feel free to message me if you have an idea for where Yoga And can take you!
Yoga And Co-founder

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton





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